French Manicure

And again you won his heart! Wedding The wedding day is a manicure for all women, the most important day in their lives, because the memory of this event stays with them forever. On the wedding day should look like a queen and beauty shine to your fingertips. When the dress is bought and the preparations for the wedding made, need to think about their appearance. The most important role is to look stunning and unique wedding plays a manicure. Indeed, during the wedding everyone's attention is riveted to the arms, which wear wedding rings that are shot on photo and film camera, so they look like be well-groomed and neatly. Wedding manicure differs significantly from other types of manicures, because it is made with a purpose – it should make a delightful girl and perfectly complement the image bride. Wedding manicure should not enter into resonance with the wedding dress, makeup, hair ornaments and female, and carefully designed to complement all of these elements. Many brides prefer to do the wedding classic French manicure.

Indeed these nails look more natural and fit any outfit. However, in recent years have become very popular artificial nails with interior design, lace, decorated with sequins and other decorative elements. This bridal manicure is the most vivid, elegant and draws attention to himself. Many of the girls speculated – when should implement this procedure? It all depends on personal preference bride. Some women prefer to do a manicure on her wedding day, just before the marriage, if it is not scheduled for the early morning, someone dedicated to this process the evening before the wedding.

However, if you decide to build your nails before the wedding and are not familiar with what it is, then, it is recommended to go to the salon for a few days before the wedding, because you need time to ensure that accustomed to long nails. To broaden your perception, visit Institute of Medicine. Tip: make sure in advance of the skin of the hands. Dryness, peeling and cracks do not hide any chic manicure. A 2-3 sessions paraffin will create miracles – silky, soft and well-groomed skin What is truly important. Make sure pedicure (and better spa pedicure). Are any of the guests must try to steal her shoe bride. Smooth heels and trim your toenails – you and the Goddess, even barefoot. Remind the groom of the need to do a manicure. Among the very popular newly-weds to take pictures of hands with wedding rings. And amazing to see the pictures on such important men bitten and dirty fingernails. AND last piece of advice from the young lady who had married well and happily recalls his wedding. "Commit everything that does not require your personal presence of relatives and good friends. Believe me, they would gladly accept participate in the preparation of your holiday. A free time to devote himself. A beautiful bride and rested – that's the main decoration wedding. Be happy! "Prepared by the beauty salon Beauty Shop