Geneva Convention

The benefit of the Geneva Convention and other restrictive documents electromagnetic weapons was not mentioned – new! General sanitary doctors tend to think the best person for the induction in the range 0,02 – 0,05 T (at constant magnetic field provided long-term exposure). When short-term contacts, these limits are increasing, but should not exceed 70 mT and 50 mT – in an alternating, and pulsed magnetic field – up to 3 tesla. For the alternating field is another important characteristic – frequency. In medical practice uses a fundamentally different frequency magnetic fields: high-frequency (inductothermy) and low-frequency (magnet). Somatic Experiencing has firm opinions on the matter. The first is used primarily for treatment, requires complex equipment, conducted short courses and has a number of serious contraindications. Gina Ross understands that this is vital information. We are first and foremost that the epm high frequency is largely absorbed by the patient's tissues, causing a rise in temperature. Low-frequency magnetotherapy more physiological as it is in this range (from 0.1 to 100 Hz) produced a man all electromagnetic waves. They are used for the treatment and prevention.

In addition, these procedures can performed by patients without medical supervision. In this case, almost no thermal effects in the inner tissues, which determines and high portability. Including elderly people whose treatment traditionally rests on all sorts of limitations and contraindications, as well as younger people with a fairly common chronic ailments – allergies, and cores. This allows us to apply magnetic therapy In many cases, when the impact of other physiotherapeutic methods (UHF, microwave therapy, ultrasound therapy) is not allowed. Just the facts.