BIT.Group GmbH & Co KG is in the video on what services and solutions are provided in the company? What is teamwork? What skills are wanted? These are all questions that a candidate to a company has. At this point, they are answered by the company itself. The visitor gets an impression of the company statements of the Executive Board and the staff. The BIT.Group is a system and consulting company that takes over for medium-sized and larger companies introduction and maintenance of IT environments. The day is marked by talking to customers worldwide. See more detailed opinions by reading what Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City offers on the topic.. In the last five years has the BIT.Group strongly developed in the area of staff and locations as well as in the expansion of the fields of business. Managing Director Adrien Seidel expects a good degree, high motivation to advance themselves and the company affinity to IT and the willingness by its employees. For the new employees will receive a six-month Training time iterates through all task panes and a mentor, who is the new colleagues with help and advice. The ITsax.deCast allows you to deal intensively with a potential employer and finding to the appropriate candidates. There is here the video: or on the youtube channel: user/CommunityITsax