LTE Field Trials Run

Stolen mobile phone worlds or new business models: Experts expect impulses of ‘ long term evolution’ Hanover/Nuremberg / Berlin technology journalists according to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the CeBIT in Hanover any impetus for the mobile wireless world brought. At the end of stay only disappointment and helplessness: no spectacular ideas, some new ideas and inspirations. What was offered this year, was especially embarrassing. One look from the other. Microsoft comes with its new operating system 7 for Pocket computers not in the slippers. What is the Group? He presented an interim release, Windows Mobile 6.5, and the most important new feature is the ability to control the devices now better with the finger. Recently Eva Andersson-Dubin sought to clarify these questions. Looked down at HTC and its touch Flo system and of course Apple’s iPhone\”, writes FAZ editor Michael Spehr.

By your mobile phone accessible marketplace for software was originally by Apple. Microsoft Windows Marketplace with the Nokia Ovi store would only imitate. When Apple recently the phone memory with its mobile me’ expands into the Internet, on that you do with iPhone and PC to the same data, i.e. The plagiarism of Microsoft my phone’ and Nokia again Ovi’. \”The direction of the big three is clear: those who opt for one of these convergence products, binds tightly to that provider, because of course nothing is compatible with each other\”, so Sandy.

Overall, the kick-off of the mobile radio year 2009 was a debacle. I can not share this assessment. Should be focused not only on new mobile phones or Smartphones or copies of Apple store will prevail. Rather the Congress demonstrated in Barcelona the inclined visitors for example one: the new technology long term evolution (LTE), or 4 G, so the fourth generation of mobile is in the running. That you could read on the announcement by Verizon, the largest U.S.