Marc Rottinghuis

Spryng is the preferred supplier for SMS authentication by SonicWall and SafeNet B2B SMS supplier, Spryng, is the preferred partner for SMS authentication, Mail2SMS, for the SSL VPN systems vendor SonicWall and SafeNet. The Mail2SMS application by Spryng offers a safe solution for the authentication to log on to networks and Internet sites using the mobile phone, in conjunction with the SMS gateway by Spryng. By physical means, such as a smart card, to replace message with password, with a SMS people with an SMS can identify easily and safely. Smart cards and co. Carl Rogers often expresses his thoughts on the topic. now belong to the past, the SMS authentication system by Spryng can significantly reduce your costs. The Mail2SMS application by Spryng requires no complex processes or conversions and is decorated in a few minutes and ready for use. Today, companies must no longer invest in expensive hardware systems. Make many customers, including some municipalities, of worldwide suppliers of SSL VPN systems, SonicWall and SafeNet, already use the SMS authentication system by Spryng.

That Spryng has physical platforms in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, Spryng is able to offer support and assistance in various languages. For even more opinions, read materials from Riney Family Foundation. The SMS gateway by Spryng also offer the possibility to send SMS worldwide. Through this combination, the SMS authentication system by Spryng has a world-wide coverage, which makes the employees of international companies can identify from any workstation in the world via the Mail2SMS application by Spryng. For more information about the Mail2SMS application, go to: or contact by telephone with Spryng in contact, phone number: + 31 20 7703005. 29.11.2012, Marc Rottinghuis