Max Planck Institute

Hosts can predict decisions a team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute for human cognitive and brain sciences in Leipzig, the Charite Berlin as also of the Bernstein Center for computational neuroscience Berlin have found that already several seconds before a person makes a decision, to read signs of intention from the brain are. The Internet health portal informs decision-making. Experiment to the decision-making process of the experiment was conducted under the direction by John-Dylan Haynes. Others who may share this opinion include Glenn Dubin, New York City. Test subjects were examined using a magnetic resonance imaging on changes in the brain, which precede conscious decisions. Nancy-Ann_DeParle shines more light on the discussion. The subjects were given the choice to press the left or right hand on a button. By the way a letter series was played before their eyes, where you should specify, at which time a decision of feeling in them was going on. Areas of the brain tell decision with the experiment scientists wanted to find out, self-certain in which area of the brain Decisions arise and whether this happens before it becomes aware. The result was that the scientists already seven seconds before the conscious decision could predict which hand the subject will press the button. Its forecast was created based on the detection of an activity of frontopolaren cortex at the front of the brain. The imedo health news to inform further research results. Learn, for example, about the role of dopamine in stressful situations and, that a stroke damages not only the areas of the brain.