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The disks can be written with any information – documents, pictures, music, movies. Today, empty disks can be found on sale in any stores – from computer compartment to a simple store. Discs are different: – CD-Recordable or CD-R (recordable CDs) – on this disc you can record the information only once (in the best case, you can append information to the end of the disk, but to erase and burn the disc again, you can not ). – CD-Rewritable or CD-RW (rewritable discs or rewritable discs) – so you can overwrite the disk, that is, to erase information from it and record other information. Working with these discs is as follows: recorded, cleaned, recorded other information cleared, again recorded, and so on – DVD-R (DVD + R) – ‘disposable’ DVD-drives: as in the case of CD-R, you can burn a disc only once, to erase the recorded information, you can not.

On the differences between DVD-R from dvd + R, you’ll learn in another article. – DVD-RW (DVD + RW) – reusable DVD-discs. Disks with write-once by simply referred to as ‘blanks’. When you purchase a cd, note the following their characteristics: write speeds and capacity. With conventional CD-R problems in You will not have – almost all of them allow you to write 700 mb of data at a maximum speed 48x or 52x. But with a CD-RW is somewhat different situation: you can sell a rewritable disc capacity of 650 mb, which can only write with 4X. On his film is not even a normal zapishesh, and if it succeeds, it will be written for very long (about 20 minutes). For a start buy a few rewritable (DVD) CD-RW discs.

If something goes wrong, at least you will be able to overwrite them, and pigs, damaged when an attempt to write, you have to throw it away. When you have experience (after recording several disks), you can use regular (DVD) CD-R. 5. Software (software) for recording cd / dvd. In Basically, if you are using Windows xp / Vista, is in itself already has built-in recording. However, they are quite damaging and can burn only CD-R (write-once CD-ROMs).