New Year Quot

Wayeb" , for present year 2011, it gives to beginning with the day Monday 11 of Kej&quot February; , and it concludes with day Wednesday 22 of February that is the first day of New Year. In the 2011 main shipper of the year Mr. is then and, But what means that of Wayeb and what he is that of shipper. Both lock up what commonly it is known like " New Year Maya". To broaden your perception, visit Jacob Elordi. In order to include/understand it better, we must remember than in relation to the registry and control of the time on the part of the Mayan town, before the arrival of the European to the new world, This town established a series of calendars or ordering of the time, as they denominated it to they themselves: txol, ordering and q" in time.

Between the different calendars that are known by means of the investigations, they are: ritual or Tzolkin or also known like lunar calendar, this era most known by the town, since it governed the daily life in almost all the scopes, labor, familiar, religious, domestic established bond between the Gods and the men. According to the cronista, father Moor, from this calendar obtained the names of new born, governed the cycle of the ceremonies, rendered cultured to the sacred days, entered the ages of the people, interpreted the prognoses on the part of the fortune tellers, etc. The Txolq" in it consists of a year of 260 days, that is 13 months of 20 days; which is inspired by the same life of the human being, since for some authors like Oliver the Farge, Ruth Bunzel, Miguel Leon Porthole, think that this vigesimal system is inspired by the twenty fingers of the extremities of a person. Number thirteen makes reference to oxlajuj kaj, thirteen skies or thirteen star groups of the constellations that also are inspired by the thirteen joints of the human body or the thirteen Mayan months of the human gestation.