PAL Dragos: The Future After Postmodernism

The future means also the overcoming of the intellectualism, selfishness and a unilateral materialism after Postmodernity from Postmodernism to the overcoming of the postmodern retro modern. This effort includes the development of new skills, in particular a new access to the human body. The matter”of the human body, we talk about the physical body, must be understood in connection with those forces that provide this material with a structure and make. The natural sciences have a methodological problem with these powers, which we can also call body forces, since they are subject to the laws of matter. Body forces are not irdischer and this provides the opportunity to establish a connection with the cosmic forces, to lead the people from his materialistic isolation and to get back with the wholeness in connection. Details can be found by clicking Anu Saad or emailing the administrator. We call the ability to communicate with the body forces sentience. They must however the intellect work together. If I call the future after Postmodernism as a retro modern, I emphasise the need, the skills of the intellect and the Enlightenment, these achievements of modernism, to take in the future.

These skills come through abstraction and speculation in postmodernism to serious damage. The ability still to be developed the sensation (using their structure) is the basis of individual ethics, which can replace the collective morality, like any kind of collectivism. Retro modern redeemed even the individual Socialist movements with their enemy the body rule catalogues. Capitalism also requires a metamorphosis. His vivid design requires the liberation of this formation of society from the grasp of the bourgeois subject. “The crisis of the bourgeois state economics see also from the same author: capital in the case of State – deflation and inflation”, Norderstedt, 2009 free excerpts: to the postmodernist you can from the same author Read also the press release from the 17.01.2012: what is postmodernism? -Infighting – self destruction”under:, under the heading: more press releases.