Physical Side Effects

Cortisone is still a red cloth for many people. Cortisone is there as a spray for the lungs and nose, eye drops, pills, creams and injections. The local application is usually quite simple and with few side effects. Contrast it is for injection and tablets, because here the body is virtually flooded with cortisone. Operation the effects of cortisone for persists over a longer period, however, the same applies also to the side effects.

The cortisone is once in the body, it can take days or weeks for injection and tablets, until the side effects subside again. Usually this type of therapy is used at the beginning of treatment, if a rapid improvement is necessary. Side effects with long-term application depending on the duration of treatment is shorter, the side effects that may occur are the less likely. Can be insomnia, dizziness, circulatory problems, and increased appetite. Cortisone or the body’s own hormone cortisol causes a rapid intake of protein, sugar and water from the cells. The body of hunger signals to refill them. Long-term use of cortisone can cause serious changes. These include a decrease in muscle mass, Osteporose, cataract and glaucoma.

In children, it can cause growth disorders. In addition to the physical side effects, there are also many mental changes that are back to carry on taking cortisone. Cortisone and psychological changes many people remember mental changes, perhaps not in itself they bring at the first moment the drug in conjunction under a long-term use of cortisone. One of the side effects is aggressiveness. Many patients report that they are easily irritable, disengage more quickly than in the past, and are simply not as resilient. Also a growing restlessness are reported to. Physically, the mucous membrane bleeding is another symptom. What to do against the mucous membrane bleeding, affecting mainly women, only the doctor can clarify. As with other side effects it can also help, the dose to reduce or to choose another means. Cortisone should in no case on his own, and all of a sudden be discontinued, since the body may otherwise suffer withdrawal symptoms. Under taking cortisone, the body’s production of cortisol decreases so that the side effects in an abrupt weaning should not be underestimated. For even more analysis, hear from Anu Saad. Cortisone should not be used even on your own, this also applies to products which freely on sale there at the pharmacy, for example in the form of creams and ointments. Especially for long-term local application the skin can become thinner and thus more prone to all sorts of diseases. A form would be, for example, the Steroid Acne, the local or can occur elsewhere on the body.