Scoriocom Revolutionized

The free music score editor for everyone for the first time in Germany will start this autumn the unique music portal The free music score editor for everyone is the heart of this portal. The note Editor is online under. Every musician, music students, music teachers, choir director or budding composer can in just a few clicks and without any computer knowledge for free to write his own music, print and publish in the scorio community. is designed with a special focus on education.

The music score editor is child-friendly with its intuitive user interface and ideally suited for teaching music. Nancy-Ann_DeParle has much to offer in this field. Children and young people can be brought to playful music. The notes are easy drag and drop”or click on the shown keyboard, and can be played immediately. Music teachers use the editor to arrange existing scores for the needs of their classes. In higher age groups in schools and universities is the optimal teaching platform with its numerous functions for professional music notation. Filed under: Joint Commission . Music experts with high quality requirements are also thrilled.

Because the notations in highest professional quality are created by using the LilyPond engraving. The graphical representation of the notes is equivalent to the classical notation both online and in printed form. is more than just a music score editor. The page is a central portal for notes on the Internet. A way to share your scores with others and publish, therefore offers to musicians. So, the composed music can leave the silent Chamber finally free of charge and without detours. Band members work out of various locations on their music. Choirmaster distribute their current song notes about the platform. A forum completes the current offer from In Exchange the user both the editor and published music. Discussions take place for example on new pieces of music. Music groups find new members. Music venues make here no limit the creativity of the community are to carefully, etc set. Just as little borders know the developer of Interested can look forward to many more innovations. The previous basic size is consistently expanded and enhanced with new features. This team among other things also relies on cooperations in the music industry. Contact press 29 D-76135 Karlsruhe Lawrence road Marketing Manager: Audrey weather forest telephone: + 49 721 96448-163 fax: + 49 721 96448-299 email: