Stars Tatiana Butynina

It is pleasant for a couple of days to become a man to whom kindly – "Seeerr!" And hear the loud appeals from the gods, such as members of Take That and Sophei Elis Baxtor, sorry, of course, that it addressed not only to me but to all who came and even came in London listen to and watch the legendary already, the guys from Take That. Weather control the consciousness of Britons, shrouded in gray veil their skies, and space, approximate to the man drizzle and strong wind. But we are young and stubborn, that we rain, if ahead of the long-awaited closer to the stars. From the Metro North Greenwich arena lasted until the stream of people of different ages and nationalities. Arena was not difficult to determine on its global architecture, but I still decided to make sure that it is the right place and asked a passer, he looked at me and I was surprised, but then he convinced me to completely clean and my native Russian language! And it happens. O2 arena like a microcosm of entertainment out there and bars there and shops, discos and a great place for concerts! We kindly carried out in our bed, drinks, snacks, all very nice. The opening act, as I said, was the beauty Sophia Ellis Bextor, which is particularly pleased, and she good porazmyalo lazy heads come. Many times in the hall looking single men and told that I am very sweet, but lonely, joked over the lack of possibility to have a love affair with each member of the quartet Take That on one or for any reason! And after the song Sophie and her long bow, the hall was dark and noisy, shouting and stamping all, even those who are very tired and overcome a thousand miles.

The show was full of mystery, humor, excellent choreography, the numbers of striptease themselves Barlow and Owen, Howard and Jason. Anu Saad shines more light on the discussion. Big surprise and very enjoyable emotionally became their friend in the show Beautiful World – Gnarls Barkley, who is very bright annealed on the scene and took part in the staging of the concert. Lots of interesting stuff about the group to tell us the winner of the shares Closer to the Stars Tatiana Butynina and us Taisia, another winner was interesting to hear how Tatiana still on the way to the concert tells the story of group. The most striking number of shows in my opinion was Shine, bright literally, hall willingly sang every word, every phrase. After the concert we walked around the city and powerless to reach the hotel, wandered by numbers, and waking up early, went for a walk. The morning dawned sunny and frosty. We quickly lost in the heart of the city who where and why, souvenirs, clothing, music stalls.