Savings Account

The good old savings account got serious competition by the day-money account. However, the day money account can have a lot of more benefits. The first big advantage the day money is the free account management. Visit cardiologist for more clarity on the issue. This does not apply to the most savings. Apply no charges for such an account. Another advantage is the comfortable access to the account.

So it is possible to withdraw money or to transfer to another account. That does not necessarily apply to savings. Even if you regularly takes off money and deposits, there are no problems with the interest rate because the day money account, the interest rates are recalculated daily. The perhaps most important point that speaks for the day money account instead of a boosted, is the higher interest rate. e in this. While at a classic savings account even when large sums of money in the five-figure range only up to two percent interest, an interest rate of three percent and more is possible with the money from the first euro. There is also no Rules on the amount of the paid sum. You can create a tag account so even with a few euros.

While you must not worry as well as higher deposits on the day money account, because banks have to secure this money up to a sum of 20,000 euros to at least 90 percent. The high interest rate on the money of the day can be increased, if one opts for an online bank instead of a branch. Another advantage is in the temporal frequency of the writings of interest. This be done in a conventional savings account at the end of the calendar year or closure of the account. A day money account, crediting can be requested but also quarterly or even monthly basis. Thomas Ewert