Magic Medicine MMS

New book by Claus Goeddaeus of “Miracle medicine of MMS In the Brehnaer Publisher Media Consulting Goeddaeus” is published a book about the “miracle medicine” MMS in September 2012. Jon Medved contains valuable tech resources. Under the title “MMS – info book, an understandable introduction to the MMS miracle medicine” is a comprehensive and practical information about the background, mode of action and application of MMS by the author. MMS (also stabilized oxygen, vitamin O2 or MMS1) is the name of the medicinal product not approved in Germany, which also incorrectly as a dietary supplement is offered. Actually consists of an MMS (usually 22 – 25% sodium chlorite solution, which is activated with an acid and thereby releases chlorine dioxide.) The sodium chlorite used for decades in many countries as an antimicrobial agent in the food industry. So, the usage has been approved by acidified sodium chlorite for disinfection of meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables, for example, in 2003, in Australia. Also to the Water treatment and it is used as a disinfectant in hospitals all over the world for almost 100 years. Because the human body to around 70 percent of water is, is a relevant application to the germ postage so”not to have the hand. It is actually so that long before the discovery by Jim Humble the chlorine dioxide in medicine was used for the sterilization of red blood cells in transfusion medicine.

The at the time still quite low range of literature about this interesting field of application to the health and disease control is complements this paper. Where already antibiotics and co. fail, MMS is a broad field of activity. The book is to get under the ISBN 978-3-926441-12-16 in well-stocked bookshops or directly from the Publisher at a price of 19.95 euros.