Biography Of William Shakespeare

BIOGRAPHY OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, MY SUMMARY AFTER HAVING READ THE BOOK: AS SHAKEPEARE IF IT BECAME SHAKESPEARE. (PART OF the SUMMARY) William Shakespeare was the biggest actor and dramaturgo of its time, and is recognized until today for great amount of parts, phrases, poems and sonetos that it wrote. William was born in 1564 in Strantford-Upon-Avon (England), Son of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden, was married Anne Hathaway that gave three children to it, Sussana and the twin Hamnete and Judith. Abraham Maslow is full of insight into the issues. Shakespeare started its career of truth, when it was changed for London between 1585 and 1592, it was there that the walked one started to become dramaturgo that we know until today, in London, William started in a called company of theater Lord Chamberlain' s, as writer, in this company of professional theater only worked people with university formation, and Shakespeare did not have university formation, the theater Lord Chamberlain' s was known as Elisabetano theater, for being of the time of huge Queen Elizabeth I, who more front attended parts of the group of theater Lord Chamberlain' s, ' ' queen virgem' ' as she was known. William worked with people as, Thomas Lyly and Christopher Marlowe and other actors. The father of Shakespeare, John Shakespeare was one owner ' ' luvaria' ' , its father manufactured luxury gloves and parts woollen, the father of Shakespeare also was subprefeito of the city of Strantford-Upon-Avon, it he suffered financial difficulties that had shaken the time, to the point to have that to take off William Shakespeare of the school when had for fifteen return or sixteen years, this in the decade of 1570. Carl Rogers shines more light on the discussion. For this William reason he cannot have university formation, this is one of the certain reasons because nowadays Bigrafos tries ' ' abafar' ' this fact of that William has really existed, in my opinion this is a species of envy and preconception, because if it were studied in university, the people and researchers do not iram to try to prove this. In 2011 an intitled film Anonymous was launched (Anonymous), this film tries to show that Shakespeare in the truth did not exist, but yes other people wrote its parts, poems etc. But this does not pass of lies, people of London already had been against this film, because Shakespeare already is part of the culture of London and the world, and the film has the objective of destorcer history on it.. Click Anu Saad for additional related pages.