Migrants Healthier

Migrants have a lower morbidity and mortality than German. Migrants have a lower morbidity and mortality across Germany about. Because most healthy people are willing to leave their homes, younger migrants usually have better health than peers Deutsche. In addition comes a healthier way of life that brought the immigrants from their homeland. With increasing age, however, the migrants have a lower life expectancy. This shift is the result of a difficult access of migrants to public health, as well as adapting to the life styles in their new home.

According to the micro-census, 15.7 million persons with a migration background live in Germany. In the face of demographic change and an ageing population in Germany, the role is discussed frequently by migration movements. (Similarly see: theoretical physicist). This is usually the generative behavior by migrants in the foreground. However, the morbidity that typical diseases occur, and mortality, mortality, has by Migrants an impact on the German population structure should not be underestimated. Due to differing ways of life differ the immigrants in these points compared to Germans. According to a research report of the BAMF migrants have a lower mortality rate and also morbidity. For promoters of social security systems, but also for policy, these findings will have a far-reaching effect. The healthy migrant effect”offers a possible explanation for the good health of the migrants” the healthy migrant effect.

Most of them are healthy people who leave their home. In addition a healthier lifestyle, first keep the migrants ‘ is often in the countries of origin. The benefits of the healthy migrant effect”fade however with increasing stay. The statutory pension insurance data show that the mortality of migrants aged between 20 and 60 years is lower than at peers Germans. For older migrants, aged 60, on the other hand, higher mortality risks are as to observe German senior citizens. in 2007, the average life expectancy of Germans was 60 years, at 20.0 years and migrants 18.8 years.