The Attic Of The Craftsmen Performed

Energy saving and space created by attic roof window installation for the installation of roof Windows, the roof must be covered according to the size of the window. It can also happen that the spacing of the rafters are too low. Then must then rafters are severed and incorporated a cross Exchange and help rafters. There is a thermal insulation the roofing must in the pane before crosswise are cut and folded away. Then, the insulation material can be removed. Roof insulation also old roofs can by the craftsmen of intermediate rafters insulation, which owned no roofing accident be.

To achieve a greater depth of insulation, the rafters here are sheated. It is however important that enough space is left between brick and insulation so that air circulation is possible and can dry any ingress of moisture. It has proven itself in addition to the left and right of the rafters to attach a roof Batten, a hardboard is screwed to the. Gable walls tiling with gypsum plasterboard the Gable walls are clad with plasterboard. It applied to the old surface primer will cut the plasterboard and distributed the attaching gypsum into individual chunks on the back of the plates. The boards are then placed on the walls and gently tapping with a straight edge and a rubber mallet.

Better wipe the plates, spacers should be used at ground level. To the window soffits around the plates must be fully glued and corner angles. Roof slats that cross run mounted to the ceiling beams are blanket here. The vapour barrier is then attached to this substructure. Are there bumps you can compensate with safety strip of hardboard. Roof slope: At the sloping you should install direct suspension, but have this a greater depth, but offer the possibility of additional insulation. Now, the first battens is aligned and mounted parallel to the bar. Then a counter Batten, is again on the construction of the cross is screwed directly to the first battens. Metal stand walls/lightweight stand walls lightweight walls created one from a metal studs. This is a simple variant to make structural changes in rooms. Here come metal profiles made of zinc sheet used, be fitted and fixed with so-called drywall screws with gypsum boards. Sheeting stand work here using two different types of profiles, namely UW and CW profiles that exist in different strengths the UW be profiles on ceiling and floor and over the whole length of the wall to. To achieve a sufficient sound insulation, profile should be glued under the UW a separating belt. Since the CW profiles dimensioned, that they profile can be placed exactly between the UW, it must be placed vertically in about 62.5 centimetres. Now, the gypsum boards without problem with drywall screws on the profiles can be attached. John Kulcsar