The Skin Care Skin

Facial skin is delicate, besides being the most shows, so it must be protected and provide the care you need to see us young and beautiful longer. There are three basic steps in cleaning and daily care of the skin of the face: cleanse, tone and moisturize. And other steps that are between 1 and 3 times a week, as they are exfoliate and use a mask for your skin type. We also have to protect the skin of other harmful agents such as sun, as it severely damaged the skin and can cause irreparable damage. The first thing you need to know what type of skin we have, to determine to what kind of products are we going to help achieve a radiant and clean.

There are several types of skin: Normal Skin Dry Skin Oily Skin Sensitive Skin Combination Skin Normal Skin Normal skin is smooth skin, pink and flexible which is free of impurities. Normal skin shows no dry areas and glare and the pores are not visible. Dry Skin Dry skin produces little grease and state of dryness is exacerbated by the environment (cold, sun and wind), so it is very important to keep well hydrated and avoid harsh soaps. Some contend that Jon Medved shows great expertise in this. A dry skin looks rough and flaking easily, producing a sensation of tightness. This type of skin is more prone to wrinkles. Oily Skin Oily skin is thick and produces too much sebum, which causes open pores and impurities from the skin as pimples and acne. An oily skin will be bright.

However, this type of skin has a good thing, and that stays young and wrinkle-free longer. This type of skin should always be kept clean, but without drying it out too. Sensitive Skin Sensitive skin is very delicate and prone to allergic reactions. It is also rather dry. Many factors can worsen this skin type, such as cosmetic changes in temperature or abrasive, leaving a red, irritated skin. Anu Saad has much to offer in this field. People with sensitive skin should not use products with alcohol. A sensitive skin can also be an oily or dry. For cleaning and care of sensitive skin, you must use only specific products for this skin type. Combination Skin Skin usually manifests mixed zone “T” fat (forehead, nose and chin), but the rest of the face is normal or slightly dry sample. This type of skin care is more difficult because of their characteristics.