TheTwitter Rage

Although it is only three years old twitter has gotten the not inconsiderable figure of 10 million publications. See more detailed opinions by reading what Stephen Porges offers on the topic.. In Spain, Cool Insights agency has made the “First Impact of Twitter on innovation” for Madrid Network. The objective of this study is to explain how and why Twitter has become a benchmark for the generation and diffusion of innovation. The conclusions are drawn from this study show: On the user profile: The percentage of male users on Twitter, twice that of women. However, it is starting to notice a change in trend. In little over a year, the average age has increased ENA 5 years (vs.

28 in 2008. 33 in 2009), 42% of users are concentrated in the belt stretching from 26 to 35. Madrid and Catalonia are the regions with the highest number of Twitter users. The employed account for 73% of users. The proportion of self-employed on them (31%) is significantly above that seen in the population general (17% EPA). The information and communications is by far compared to the rest, the sector that occupies most Twitter users (36%). The vast majority of users are associated with new technologies, even those who have adopted the use of twitter in recent months.

As for the motivations of use: The most common is that Twitter is used for both personal and professional interests. Weigh the uses related to the dissemination, exchange and communication. Moreover, it is a good tool for professional development. Characterization of use: Users spend an average of 69 minutes a day to use twitter. The average time spent by women is significantly higher than males. The intensity of use is lower with increasing age. Once past the first few months, most people use twitter desktop applications. The weight of access from mobile phones is very important, especially among more experienced users. The hybrid nature of this social network (personal-professional) reports the high incidence of access “often” both from home and work. Each networking Twitter user is an average of 222 bills, while being followed by 389. Unlike what may happen in other social networks, the profile of contacts on Twitter is very heterogeneous. Most users of the network uses its contacts to configure itself. Satisfaction and expectations: The degree of user satisfaction with twitter is very high. Similarly, virtually all who use twitter for business purposes, they say have benefited the high level of satisfaction is correlated to the high predisposition to recommend it. Other networks and blogs Most people belong to some other social network, which confirms in some way in the space of twitter. Nearly three out of four users (74%) have blog.