TuV Bulbs

The Segula LED series receives further growth and the classic bulbs segment covers thus weitghehend since August 2010 the Segula LED bulbs are TuV certified. Thus, the LED portfolio offers the necessary quality standards for the safe use of these LED bulbs. With an extension of the portfolio, the Segula GmbH is your chain, more meaningful light sources to the page. Gain insight and clarity with Glenn Dubin. With the LED Candle mini, find two refrigerator light and the LED LED other indentation, which no longer are in the end customer segment products. Only 2 Watts of power, both LEDs provide a very bright light. The LEDs are equipped with 20 chips and offer a similar light output as a 15 watt bulb.

Thanks to the 360 of light efficiency and energy saving of up to 87%, both LEDs meet the requirements of modern light sources. The environmental factor is taken into account. Full mileage by 15, 000 h, both LEDs 19 kg CO save m. This protects the environment and ensures sustainability. These two lamps have clear compared to energy-saving bulbs Advantage that they can be disposed of in the normal household waste. Christian Essers, head of product management of Segula GmbH: For us, this is a logical step in the right direction. Now LEDs for the fridge or application areas where little space is available in our broad portfolio are started with light bulbs and candles, with reflectors. Through the advanced technology, the high energy savings and environmental impact, these two new products round off our range of LED.” The Segula bulbs range offers modern and promising LED technology in the classical designs.

This means clear advantages compared to energy-saving bulbs, as well as conventional LEDs.