We Are Going To Vote

Today, Thursday 1? in may, London has a very disputed election. Since the difference between the two major candidates (labour Ken Livingstone and conservative Boris Johnson) are very narrow enough that one or the other community is tilted on one side or another to make one of them a winner. Cardiologist is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Chief Justice Roberts will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This has made the 600,000 ibero American to become a factor that could tilt the balance in one side or the other and therefore on defining who is the new burgomaster. In this special, we placed several notes that have come out in the London media about the increasing importance latinos come in these elections and about the events that have promoted from this modest newsletter. We emphasize a note that has come out in The Daily Telegraph, the serious newspaper of largest circulation in the United Kingdom, in which appear the photo of Boris Johnson visiting the Pueblito Paisa and chatting with the President of this Latin market (RAUL MANCERA) and FABIAN CATAnO (Colombian survivor of the bombing of the 7J and owner of the train of the arepas). For even more opinions, read materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin. We also put texts that made us reach parties on the afternoon of April 30 Green and labour. Is noteworthy that for first time in history we have achieved all the 5 main parties to respond to a questionnaire made by latinos.

We ask all our readers who will vote in mass and which have been feeling the weight of latinos in the UK. We made it clear that MINKA as such not supported to any CANDIDACY and that we are proud to be the medium that has informed all candidates and views in these elections. We are proud of having achieved helped put Latinos on the electoral map. Finally we want to inform you that yesterday at about 9: 00 pm our collaborator was deported journalist and lawyer Dr. Paul Fierro. By data provided by the Coordinator of his defense (doctor Luis Naranjo) a retinue of reporters and high personalities of the Ecuadorian State must go to Quito’s Mariscal Sucre airport receive tonight. A few minutes before traveling Paul and Luis, they talked and popular former director of RADIO VISION made us reach a message of greetings and thanks to all readers of MINKA NEWS.

Meanwhile Juan Carlos Piedra reported us that is thought to do another event United by Ecuador to support the Fierro family. We take the opportunity to thank 300 people who did get their e-mails and letters of support to Paul. A very special recognition to GLORIA GOMEZ, indomitable advocate for latinos, for the support given is acause, and equally to leaders of all the benches as SIMON HUGHES (President demo – liberal) and JEREMY CORBYN (labour) and candidates to be mayors as SIAN BERRY, BRIAN PADDICK and LINDSEY GERMAN (green candidates, liberal and leftist) by having ordered his immediate freedom. Just we have data about what Ken or Boris did by Paul we will inform it.