European Measures

3. Be happy. As a healer, I see every day that most of the diseases and physical problems are consequence of situations unresolved emotional or mental bodies. The concerns, suffering, not being able to love enough, lack of awareness of who we are, not make us as human beings, not to follow our purpose in life, the inability to forgive, all this are some of the reasons why we get sick. They are not always avoidable, but with a good formation, training and a little guide, many Yes can be avoided or solved until they escalate into a disease. It is our responsibility to accept this fact and take appropriate measures. And when we have to go to a therapist, is very important to remember the best thing is to create a team formed by the doctor’s header, the specialist they are needed, and a healer who collaborate in the healing process, facilitating it and complementing it. In some European countries, measures are being taken to involve more patients.

For example, smokers have to pay more for your insurance doctor. Some obese people should reduce certain amount of weight before undergoing certain operations that are not urgent. I think that if we do not awareness of that we get sick because we are not careful, will a point that such measures are going to generalize. Personally, I think that if we start to change and educate our children to develop healthy habits from the beginning, we can get the next generation to be healthier and make better use of medical resources. In summary, we are responsible for our health, with an emphasis on prevention and focusing on healthy living. The Governments are to provide us with adequate means and therapists to collaborate with us when needed. But our health is in our hands, not in theirs.

To speak about responsibility not implies guilt. Being responsible for something means being aware of what you can do, and do it. There are no excuses. Almost everyone knows what is good and what not, and who do not know has plenty of resources to train and learn. To blame is: either not have realized by ignorance or apathy, or be aware and not do anything about it. And you, honestly, which Group belong?