Alex TV Heart

heart lost current French songs in German versions of November 5, 2009, 21: 00 (admission 20: 00) in the Berlin Kesselhaus, 10435 Berlin, Kesselhaus Berlin Knaackstr. 97, on November 5th, 2009 a special concert finds his stage: Barbara Thalheim presented live with tape the CD lost heart – current French songs in German versions of. To come up with trio Bravo + musical score, which represent a highlight in the rich world music scene in Berlin. (with TV recording by Alex TV / radio recording “The press: an inspirational evening of humor, wisdom, and musicality where the torn-down audience has lost his heart to a singer, which guaranteed her in the right place is.” (Nurnberger Nachrichten). Thalheims whimsical stories of France are grandiose introductions to the brushed against the grain songs that sound like their own, which would be secure only half as successful without Jean Pacalet and the excellent band.” (Thuringian General) Info: Barbara Thalheim with: Jean Pacalet (acc), topo Gioia (perc), Bartek Melejnek (kb), Rudiger Krause (git) tickets in advance at Hekticket for 19.50 / 14.50 for review copies of the CD, more photos, press cards and personal artist contact you please contact: Holger Schade, artist management office Lichtenberger str.