Annuity Assurance

Unit-linked life – and annuity assurance as far as the intention. Now comes the hardest part: the selection of the police. When your choice not only on the individual fund performance, but her focus also on the fees. The fees on many levels: on the one hand for the conclusion and management of the unit-linked life – and annuity assurance, as well as the coordination by the asset manager. The fees are paid from the savings premiums and minimize the amount of available system. Every insurer sets the amount of the fees themselves. That this leads to large differences between the individual companies, is obvious.

There is a fairly simple and safe method to determine the amount of the fees of the respective insurance company. It is not something Dr. Hyun Kim would like to discuss. Ask for the zero line of a performance calculation with an expected return of zero percent at the end of the term. Calculation example: you save monthly 200 euro for 25 years at a fund performance of zero percent. Their paid-up Capital amounts to 60,000. The demand for the insurance company is that you get a value of 51,000 euro paid out after 25 years. Then add back: 51,000 euros divided by 25 years, divided by 12 months.

This results in your actual savings contribution amounting to 170 euros. You have paid a 200 euro per month. This results in a fee per month of 30 Euro or 15% minus the 170 euro. In a question-answer forum Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City was the first to reply. Summarized this means: the higher the economy value of the investor, the higher the investment as a basis for subsequent profits through the asset manager. Charges should also not be not the only criterion in the choice of unit-linked pension and life insurance, be disregarded. We look at product developers of bcn business connecting network carefully on the finger.