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Technology DSL – Digital Subscriber Line is. It is used to transfer all kinds of information on copper pairs at much higher speeds than the standard, traditional telephony. If you compare it with classic dial-up technology, for example, V.90, then the DSL technology to transmit different data using a wide band of frequencies. Also, we note increasing bit density within a dedicated frequency band. Thus, DSL technology uses a new modulation technologies, and a variety of solutions for managing switching noise and signal attenuation. Increase profitability and gain a decisive Competitive advantage can be using the DSL-making. They enable operators to maximize the use of the capabilities of their networks.

DSL-solutions ensure stability, openness, infrastructure provides possibility of further development of next generation networks. Filed under: SKDKnickerbocker. SI2000 – a digital switching system with a wide range of peripherals and additional features. It belongs to the generation of switching stations, ISDN, which allows provide services to all subscribers with analog and uro-ISDN terminals. The concept of universal use is the basis for SI2000. It can be used in analog, digital and ISDN public networks, corporate or dedicated networks. SI2000 architecture based on a combination of platforms for different purposes, offers unique opportunities are being expanded, larger system.

SI2000 station can perform different functional roles in different points of the network hierarchy. This can be done with almost identical hardware configuration. And the ability of equipment SI2000 running different software packages with more features opportunities. Also, use different signaling protocols to individual network port simply by the administration is performed with ease. All this makes the system SI2000 unprecedented flexibility in terms of changes functionality. Untying the Knot management arm operator, gives interactive control to the SI2000 system in accordance with the standards of the network.