Disability Insurance

inaccurate health questions can have fatal consequences forum posts by policyholders begin frequently so: “The insurer refuses to pay on the grounds of breach of precontractual duty of disclosure.” The legal basis of the “non-payment” the insurer is SGA 19: “The policyholder violates his obligation…, the insurer may withdraw from the contract.” This not rare case can be avoided, if some “game” rules. In the application form, the insurer provides questions on health status, medical treatments and hospital stays of the policyholder. These are in any case to answer fully and truthfully. Answering the questions is difficult not rarely, especially when treatments are back quite some time and the policyholder has it no longer accurately in reminder. A common problem is also that some policyholders tend to evaluate what diseases important, even what unimportant and therefore not to be. By an own evaluation is however urge you not to. The questions in the application form should be discussed carefully with an expert advisor, which is legally obliged to ensure that the policyholders fully complied with the obligations it. In most cases, it is required to request the medical records by doctors.

The patient has a legal right to see his medical records. Who are his medical records completely, on the safe side to answer the health questions. Careful answering can be sometimes tedious, but will be rewarded when it comes to paid: the payment of agreed disability pension is safe, the insurer can refuse these with reference to a breach of the duty of disclosure. A leading source for info: Glenn Dubin. In the consulting concept of disability insurance, a publication of the company Borchardt insurance broker from Hamburg, Germany, are the main points that are to be observed in advance of the conclusion of the contract, clearly explained.