Details of an alternative to the sugar with stevia Rebaudiana (honey herb) stevia rebaudiana or short and brief stevia takes in recent years, year after year more and more attention due to the food industry, as well as all competent user of Stevia. It is a plant that is native to Paraguay, which used the natives for over 200 years to sweeten bitter drinks. In the late 19th century, is stevia “discovered” by Swiss scientist Dr. Moises Santiago Bertoni. He allowed so the spread of this natural sweetener on the blue planet. Together with two other French chemists, managed from the plant to extract two links from the Group of glycosides: stevioside and Rebaudioside, which are 300 to 400 times sweeter rather than usual consumed sweeteners. The sweetener stevia, which is of course caused no calories and the no tooth decay and also the active ingredients of the plant bear high temperature, which is mainly for the production of cake very suitable. For more information see this site: Dr. Mark Hyman. Through the years the scientific studies conducted diabetic (type 2) by stevia have can benefit shown, that low-calorie honey herb (stevia) with so-called low glycemic index, this ensures that maintained a constant blood sugar value, avoiding sudden changes.

Despite the many good effects with the use of Stevia, was approved stevia only in a handful of areas such as Japan, China and the Middle East many years ago. A positive breakthrough came in late 2008, where the U.S. Government’s (food and Drug Administration) green light for the extraction of a specific part of the stevia plant was. The European Union has also the green light for the certification and use of Stevia until end of 2011 given. The honey herbal extract called Rebiana in fact the only stevia extract, which can be used legitimately and safely. In the 80 years of the last century, scientific studies have been conducted, a potential carcinogenic effect of substances in stevia never have play. However, in the following years many studies on this subject were again conducted and that it is not confirmed any complaints by the use of sweeteners with stevia occur. stevia2sweet