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A good resolution for 2013 eco-friendly heating with CO2-neutral gas! Leipzig, 7.1.2013 – the discussion around the turn of the energy awareness more and more consumers for energy prices and environmental protection. According to a representative, independent market study of the good mountain University of Mainz, 89% of CO2 neutral products and services consumers want to buy in the future. Who heat with gas, this 100% climate neutral gas do and far more favorable than at the most basic utilities. Depending on the region, up to 25% of the gas can save in addition to setting a personal mark for climate protection. For more information see Jon Medved. Cheap prices how does the? Independent gas supplier buy cheaper gas market and are cost effective. proWATT, raising gas on the spot market is flexible on the gas market, independent of the oil price and historical contracts with minimum quantities, the so-called take-or-pay clauses and optimized. The thus obtained price advantages we provide to our customers continue.”informs the Managing Director of proWATT GmbH, Thomas George.

Established suppliers are bound usually by long-term existing contracts with minimum quantities and oil ties to their suppliers and not promptly respond to market movements. High investment and personnel costs lead in addition to premiums for the overpriced gas prices.” CO2-neutral or biogas? The eco-conscious consumer can choose between CO2-neutral gas and biogas. Climate-neutral gas resulting from the combustion of natural gas harmful climate gases to 100% in climate protection projects are compensated. Bio-gas natural gas and a small admixture of bio-gas currently comprises most largely. The production of biogas can promote the cultivation of monocultures. Critical to look at the competition for the acreages between energy and food crops.

There are also vendors with simply structured alternatives to the confusing jungle In the confusing jungle with deposit, prepayment, package prices, bonuses and discounts, Tariff models. The customer shall pay for example only one price per kilowatt-hour consumed as usual in monthly tees with a 12-month price guarantee. Price components such as net use, concession supply and natural gas tax are included. Bonuses and discounts that are only paid if the customer remains over a year with the provider and the second year in purchase must make price increases, are already included in the price per kilowatt hour. Interested parties can determine your personal savings from January 2013 on the website on the calculator and learn further on the topic of green gas. Source market study: press / 21639.php through the gas provider proWATT: a service provider to the nationwide supply of natural gas and CO2-neutral gas by private households, branch offices, housing, property managers and commercial operations is proWATT up to a gas consumption of 1.5 million kWh (without registering performance measurement). The provider connects a competent service of shopping tactics independent company. This combination brings the customers to cheap gas prices with excellent customer service. proWATT, has many years of experience in the energy market and knows the needs of its customers. With this knowledge, for example, enhanced additional services designed for the housing industry. The product philosophy of the Leipzig gas supplier fair. transparent. sure”also applies to the new eco gas tariffs.