Mediation Gives

“A start for people who deal with the issue of conflict resolution and mediation as want to Marktheidenfeld, the October 22, 2009 (JWW) decision support is the mediation Guide” designed, which mediated emerged from the experiences of mediation. The authors Jurgen W. Wagner and Pamela Hirschmann are involved as mediators in the fields of economic and family since 2005. “The mediation guide attempts to answer recurring questions and to reduce uncertainty, people accompanied, if they focused on conflict resolution” deal. Mark Hyman, MD shines more light on the discussion. Press contact mediation-mediated Juergen W. Wagner Glaser at 5 D-97828 Marktheidenfeld mobile + 49 (0) 162 430 83 45 Tel.: + 49 (0) 9391 915 195 fax.: + 49 (0) 9391 8248447 E-mail: Internet: company portrait mediation mediates supports communication on different levels. In addition to the direct support through advice and moderation the offer is complemented by courses, training and workshops. There are specialists in family and social spheres, as well as for Economic Affairs and labour available. Mediation gives is a member of the German mediation Association, the largest Association for the promotion of communication and Konflikbearbeitung: