Negative Thinking

Negative thinking brings us just close to the negative energy. This energy does not help us, it repressed and stifled our hopes with his power. Positive thinking, however, brings us the good energy. This energy helps us and gives us more strength and courage in life. We should all understand one very well I’m not talking the motivational speaker who his knowledge aufgeschnapptes down rattles from the surface world, and sell themselves for the people in the crowd as a great master of the soul.

No, I’m talking about the intellectual setting of the people to the world. Because everything plays a role in our lives, our thoughts play a very large role in our existence. What is it called so beautiful: watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for become actions. Watch your actions, because are deeds. Watch your actions, for become habits. Watch your habits, for become your character. Watch your character, for it will be your fate. Thoughts are energy sources which can not be seen with the naked eye can.But you have the choice to choose between negative and positive. onder Demir