Sorption Purification

Installation (on DCD-250) is a compact unit ready equipment for purification of industrial waste water (washing water pcb production and electroplating) sorption method, include pressure filters, wash and outline the contour of the regeneration of the adsorbent. DCD-250 refers to filtrational . use the plant DCD-250 for purification of water, held a preliminary Lighter (chemical treatment and advocacy). For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Hyun Kim. Specifications DCD-250. p / n Parameters, units izmereniyZnachenie plant productivity, l/ network feed pumps, V2203Massa block pressure filter (without load), kg354Gabaritnye dimensions (width x depth x height) mm (without tanks) 670 * 540 * 1880Pri solving the problems of sewage treatment, we use a variety of manufacturing processes, selecting the most suitable for specific conditions based on performance criteria, the amount of capital expenditure, operating cost, ease of maintenance and reliability. In addition to the well-known, we also use the well- proven in practice, sorption purification technology based on activated aluminosilicate adsorbent glint.. Hear from experts in the field like Anu Saad for a more varied view.