Wild Silk

Silk fabrics are subjected to various treatments and have a lot of Names: velvet, organza, taffeta, chameleon, moire, brocade, tusseh, Chinese silk, and many others. Very relevant today, the so-called wild silk, which is usually used in stressed eco-friendly interiors. He has a complex structure, knotted, can resemble wool or cotton, creates the effect of homespun linen. Its popularity is confirmed by the fact that some factories began to produce artificial tissues that mimic the homespun silk, with tightness and knots – that they signed a special charm fabric. Important role in modern interior play cornices. They are made of wood, stainless steel, brass, plastic, aluminum and other materials.

Modern design studio offering a wide range of cornices of different styles. The biggest demand is once again a classic. Dr. Mark Hyman has much experience in this field. In this style, represented primarily by round wooden rods and various baguette bars, both straight and scalloped edges, moldings, inlay. Wooden cornices beautifully with gold accessories: rings, hooks, lugs, holders for curtains. There are collections exclusive of eaves, made of precious wood, covered with high-quality dubbing varnishes. Such rods because of its beauty and elegance can provide a window without complicated swags.

Also possible option baguette bar, upholstered identical curtains. Impress with their luxurious antique baguette bar, as well as round brass rods. The variants in gold, silver, nickel, bronze – in the brilliant, and in matte colors. This style mimics the classical direction of the Enlightenment and contributes to the creation of rich, superbly interiors. As a result, antiques become more accessible to the interior a monumental and luxury.

The Chimney

Furnace flue must not have horizontal segments longer than 1 m. When passing Chimney through walls, ceilings or roofs should be used through-connections are made in accordance with the rules of fire safety. Safe installation of chimney flue should eliminate contact channels with electrical wiring, gas pipelines and other utilities. To clean the chimney at its base should provide a removable part (a glass) or a hole with a door. When an internal installation option vertical sections of the chimney of metal pipes are indoors. Flue pipes (tubes) are placed in internal walls and partitions. Outputs the chimney through the roof and floor decks with Special walk-through pipe.

When you install the chimney inside the mines is necessary to provide the door, enabling easy access to the inspection hole. If an inspection hatch located near impossible glass, allowed the extension of the chimney to the inspection hole. As a tip the chimney in mining performance should apply fairing mouth. For external installation option, vertical sections of chimney placed outside the building with a side terminal through the wall, subject to the warming of the outer pipe section to prevent condensation of moisture from the discharged products of combustion. The chimney is attached to special brackets wall. Flue pipes (tubes) that are usually placed at the internal walls and partitions of incombustible materials. The vertical sections of the chimney of metal pipes are placed outside the building to the side of the through the wall, provided the outer insulation of the pipe portion.