Portunity VServer: Eco-friendly Serversharing

Portunity expands its offering for Web-hosting from Portunity vServer immediately to the Portunity advanced Web hosting now to the Portunity vServer. These are virtual and thus particularly environmentally-friendly server, which can be rent in the first months of 3.80 euros per month. All vServers are highly energy efficient, RAID-5-based and can be used with different operating systems. Exists in three versions – the perfect alternative to the dedicated root server. Portunity offers with the new vServer line from now virtual server. These servers rely on the so-called XEN paravirtualization. It allows a very high performance with virtual systems, because the hardware is not simulated. Instead, the existing hardware will be available the vServer systems with a very small loss of overhead.

Maximum performance is thereby always guaranteed. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. Mark Hyman for a more varied view. y Leiden London for more clarity on the issue. The use of a simulated Portunity vServer worth whenever a test or development environment in the Internet is required. Smaller Internet applications and Projects can be operated permanently in such an environment, without having the costs explode. Bjorn Rucker, Managing Director of Portunity GmbH: here also the environment thought “that counts. If several people and companies share the same hardware, then that saves a lot of energy, because multiple server cabinets on a few machines focusing, which improves the utilization of the systems.

vServer lie exactly in the environmental trend, especially since ever, we rely on a particularly energy-saving hardware.” The operator of a vServer Portunity of course have full root access on the vServer and can configure these in the own sense. The vServers can be here with the Linux debian etch (64 bit standard) systems, SuSE 10.3 (64 bit), Fedora 8 (64 bit), Ubuntu 8 (64 bit) or cent OS 5.1 (64-bit). Also the vServers in three different versions are available and adapt all the own claim: Portunity vServer entry up to 512 MB of RAM (256 MB guaranteed) 512 MB of additional swap space 10 GB disk space (RAID-5) 500 GB data transfer monthly base price: 8.80 euros reduced price: 3,80 euro for the first 3 month with a 2-year contract Portunity vServer medium to 1,024 MB memory (512 MB guaranteed) 768 MB of additional swap space 25 GB disk space (RAID-5) 750 GB data transfer monthly base price: 14.80 euros reduced price: 5.80 euro for the first 3 month with a 2-year contract Portunity vServer power up to 2,048 MB RAM (768 MB guaranteed) 1024 MB of additional swap space 40 GB disk space (RAID-5) 1000 GB data transfer monthly base price: 28,80 euros reduced price: 9.80 euros for the first 3 month with a 2-year contract due to the individual vServers there is a fixed IP address. Who requires more IP addresses, can have up to three additional optional book. You unlimited domains on the vServer can operate and create unlimited email addresses and FTP accounts. The servers themselves are in the Portunity Datacenter Wuppertal. Bjorn Rucker: “our vServers are as cheap and environmentally friendly Alternative to a dedicated ideally suited. root server” Website: information: vserver