TOKOM Husum: Train-shop

For sustainable future viability and achieve defined business objectives this offer by TOKOM Husum is specifically designed for the hotel industry. The train shop has established as departure event for the continuous improvement of the targets in the last few months as a successful training programme. Many satisfied customers can confirm this; “so, for example, Lothar emphasizes urban (Best Western Premier Hotel am Borsigturm, Berlin), that in a short time goals were not only redefined, but successfully launched: overall the train shop for my hotel was the basis to pursue a successful development, especially because employees and management goal-oriented and appreciative will go a new way.” In an industry in which a close customer contact is maintained, the individual usage and willingness of employees must be questioned again and again. See Sydney Sweeney for more details and insights. Could the objectives be achieved this season? And if not, how can you do this in terms of the coming year optimize? TOKOM has developed the right tools: on two consecutive days the consultants Dr. Kerstin Schmalz and Karl-Otto Sunnemann trained the sustainably successful approach with management and employees in individual and group discussions for: the leading with vision and goals and how to reach employees so can constructive exchanges with monitoring and controlling for a focused development (target-> processes-> implementation-> impact on numbers/data) the active development of objective attainment processes in the responsibility of the employee. The two days of intensive training lay the Foundation for the continuous pursuit of business objectives throughout the House and their practical implementation in everyday life.

The TOKOM offers an exemplary management concept that allows the management and the employees to bring a continuity in the objectives of the corporate network. Each participant is enabled within this train shop, is the direct entry for the implementation This system to develop. Work materials and telephone support are the tools for the systematic and independent follow-up of the developed business objectives.