Brazilian Institute

Main pointer of trend of the commerce, the index of quarterly mobile average of sales in store of the refined retail for the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) showed that the businesses in the sector continue presenting small growth, but coming close itself to the stability, what indicates loss of breath. The index registered high of 0,37% in the trimester locked up in April before the finished one in March. The result of the mobile average of April shows a deceleration in relation to the refined results in March (1.01%) and February (1.02%). The expansion trend still exists, but the rhythm points with respect to a stability. In the comparison of April of this year with equal month of the passed year, the sales had increased 6.9%. Hear from experts in the field like Anu Saad for a more varied view. However, it had fall of 0,2% in April before March with sazonal adjustment. With the result until the room 2009 month, the sales of the retail accumulate high of 4,5% in the year and 7,1% in last the 12 months.

Of the eight groups of activities of the retailing searched by the IBGE, only two they had registered expansion in April before March: hipermercados, nourishing supermarkets, products, drunk and tobacco (0.8%) and equipment and material for office, computer science and communication (8.9%). It still offers scarce of credit and the effect delayed of the reduction of the IPI on the consumption of household-electric and material of construction had contributed for the result, had pointed economists. For the next months, the perspectives are of recovery of the sales in the comparison monthly, but insufficient to revert the trend of deceleration of the pointer in the gathered of 12 months. For the year, the forecasts are of 3% expansion 4% by vol. of sales, before growth of 9,1% in the last year and 7% in the gathered of 12 months until April.