Dortmund Chamber

They’re real or already a Fakeprofil? In today’s social media marketing course, I talked with participants about the risks of the networking of individual social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, XING, etc from the Business Academy Ruhr in the Dortmund Chamber of Commerce. Among them was the Fakeprofile that occurred widely in the media, so profiles of people in social networks that exist without true personal information such as a valid EMail address. While I wanted also to demonstrate that Google just wanted to initiate some mechanisms to protect against Fakeprofilen. But what had I notice to my surprise? When creating a profile new I had to have not already an EMail address, or another type of confirmation was requested that I belong to this profile. Actually I wanted to show that you can create Fakeprofile addresses quite comfortable even with 10 minutes EMail, but it was not even necessary. Google filters out though after some time Fakeprofile, but in time where such a profile is active I can move freely thus.

I was so then Peter principle, could maintain among its account the Google + and also just other people can zuspammen at your whim. Abraham Maslow shines more light on the discussion. (I have not done of course the latter) 🙂 No wonder, then, that still Fakeprofile on EBay are offered at knockdown prices on a Facebook fan page likes to or but once again a political party followers to help. At least some Onlinemarketer reacted to the so-called Trashmails and can filter them out, but there are now too many providers of minute mails that you could win this fight. Apart from additional likes fans and followers or similar fake online reputation but a significant Fakeprofilen danger. What if your child for example of fake people will be mobbed or finish makes a single person with multiple Fakeprofilen a, not yet in its character strengthened people. It can be simulated so easily as if the whole world is against one. I at least can also not quite freely If it comes with minute emails to free information materials to come, but I’m quite strongly believe that Fakeprofile is rather poor as right. And you have to do with free speech.