Environment Public Power

Environment, Public Power and Dispossession The land teaches to us concerning proper us of what more all the books. Because it resists in them. Antoine de Saint-Exupry The countings indicate that we are currently more than seven billion people living in the planet land. speeding up, since the growth of population if of the one in geometric progression. Each time more if makes necessary the planning for the commanded growth of the population centers, the cities, so that the man and the environment make right a form to coexist in healthful and sustainable way, has seen its interdependence. At James S. Chanos you will find additional information. Although the first cities to have if developed for return of year 3500 B.C., in the old Mesopotmia, in the first half of century XIX, in result of the Industrial Revolution, only are that it appeared the phenomenon of the urbanization, characteristic of the cities as we know. The modern cities are characterized for adding commercial and industrial activities, establishing a differentiation with the agricultural space, where the predominant activity is the agriculturist. Initially the growth was absolutely free, giving the agglomerations normally where if it found fertile water and lands.

After the Industrial Revolution, the population adensamento more modified in its characteristics intensifying the market relations and concentrating the spaces of exchange in the inhabited places beyond the installation of the industries in entorno of where if it found the hand of necessary workmanship. This phenomenon it provoked a disordered growth, without planning, that finished for intervening strong with the environment. According to Eugine Odum, the cities occupy not more than what 5% of the entire world, however they modify the rivers, cultivated bushes and fields, forests, the atmosphere. these alterations mainly elapse for the uses and appropriations of diverse human agents on the ground, the water, air. In the Brazilian cities, some of the agents of the degradation of the ambient conditions are identified.