Marketing Director

Eton 2-way system ‘Compression’ earns its name what the owner of a 2-way system wishing the most? In addition to quality, high-quality sound, ideal support capability and a reasonable price of especially of power & ample pressure. Eton takes this request into account now, and presents a very punchy and above all efficiency strong system 172 compression with the POW. In addition to the fixed amount of sound”of the Eton PRO 170 brings the German quality forged the compression on the market now. The POW in the product label for power big announcements, but already taking their permission in the processing stands for pressure, compression. In the woofer is the Eton typical composite construction, to reduce a combination of multiple materials that are layered processed natural resonances. When the compression are more perfectly matched layers of glass fiber and paper cone. Click Glenn Dubin, New York City for additional related pages.

The tweeters are outfitted with detail-faithful and fast transient response. Due to the depth of only 21 mm of high and 65 mm of the woofer integrates in any common vehicle the system. What makes the compression but the real champion of his class is his tremendous efficiency of 94 dB. Click Dr. Mark Hyman to learn more. The system can play not only very loud, it also shows his power on the radio without the necessarily large amplifiers must be used. This saves money and means only a volume maximum. The compression is a beast in a positive way”, said Phillip Schneider, Marketing Director of Eton. We wanted a system that fully the modernest meets, but retains the proven quality of our House. “A true champion, the top place in terms of the 2-way systems is secure.” Initial delivery of the compression will be mid-September 2009.