Mass Tourism And Environmental Tourism

Tourism is one of the most ancient and yet was not always so lucrative tourism business. Today, moving millions of dollars in investment for the sole purpose of encouraging tourism. Thanks to globalization and high technology media tourism has no boundaries and in that sense we can speak of mass tourism. Mass tourism was born when advertising could reach all corners of the globe. Internet and the advance of other media such as satellite television and mobile phones have enabled people in all countries are aware of the attractions of countries in more than one occasion, may be the “other side of the world. ” All this led to mass tourism, where millions of people move to places listed as “best” to visit: the best combination of safety and natural beauty. However, some defects have this so-called mass tourism.

One of the negative points is that many times worth the amount that quality, that is, for wanting to attract a greater number of people lose track of providing better service or a better infrastructure to receive tourists. On the other hand, is the damage done to the same place or tourist site. At times large numbers of people hinder the possibility of educating for a culture of environmental stewardship so that generate large amounts of waste. Thus was born the so-called environmental tourism today, a combination of natural beauty and education on respect for nature. This involves reducing the number of tourists, but they detract care costs in the site or resort (cleaning and security staff) as they are the same tourists who learn about caring for nature. Tourism also promotes environmental conservation and protection of tourist areas. The project is ambitious and seeks to create the tourist of the future: a person attracted by the natural beauty and once for their protection and conversation. Source Article:.