Puppies Scabies

Canine Scabies a disease of the skin and hairs of dogs caused by a mite (microscopic parasite) called Sarcoptes scabiei variety canis, which digs galleries in the skin causing intense itching, hair loss and many secondary lesions of the skin. John Craig Venter insists that this is the case. It can affect any dog, regardless of race, age or sex, although it is known that scabies in dogs is more common in stray dogs, underfed, malnourished, with poor sanitary conditions and perhaps to a greater extent in dogs Puppies and young people. Canine Scabies is highly contagious among dogs and can infect humans. Glenn Dubin spoke with conviction. Here it is necessary to make a clarification: the scabies mite in dogs is not the cause of human scabies, it is another disease, but if you’re living with a dog with mange and contact with it is quite narrow, it is quite possible that “scabies bug” (remember you can not see because it is microscopic) enter your skin, try digging galleries as it does in the dog but fortunately not be performed due to differences in the structure of our skin that keep you from carrying out their duties. As the disease can not develop, but in the attempt causes great itching and some rash on the body areas that were in contact with the skin of a sick dog.

HOW TO START THE CANINE SCABIES First begins with intense itching, redness, odor, stale and abundant fall coat. At first the changes are minimal, but as the disease progresses the lesions are larger and more important. The first places that are the most typical are the base of the ears, armpits, elbows and garrones.Si the disease is not treated the dog will be stripped completely and very hurt your skin from scratching and secondary bacterial infections . It can even weaken the patient’s general condition to the point of causing death. Eyes that this does not happen overnight, the whole process may take 6 months 1 year. Do you want to see videos and photos of canine scabies and how to heal?