Swiss Dance School

Swiss dance school wants to set standards train – young people need other worlds to feel freedom. Probably this is one of the main reasons why rave kids for hip hop and other dance styles. “, Mave says bicycle train.” He calls himself just Mave. He opened the dance school a few weeks ago, that could be good for the Switzerland to the honor. What the now 33-year old with 9 itself has moved, is what parents like to see: the further development of their children in the artistic field.

But the kids feel “none of the ambition of man. in the dance school MAVEMENT Packed by the energy of the Maves they develop a sense for the rhythm and the skills at the dance, the some participants the next day really cool “appear in the circle of friends can. Social project at the beginning of clip-dance “is in the testing. Mave waiting on inlet, more participants, to get you properly started. Michio Kaku insists that this is the case. Dance mix but it is the ideal starting point for all other beginner! “that convinced Pym while he calls” in the rehearsal room, grabs his bag: we provide a solid basis for the dancing easy to understand. “Here everything is here, from jazz to hip hop, from the Latin up to Afro, from the pop to the modern! For three years, Maurice has done already social work.

“Cool & clean is the biggest prevention program on behalf of Swiss Olympics, the umbrella organization of Swiss sports. The sport should be fair and clean. This is the credo for cool & clean.” Then, Mave wanted to bundle its forces even more. It was built in the second half of September the dance school MAVEMENT “.” He wants out in the world, far beyond the next summer. Here he plans while courses for classical ballet, which kids can visit. But next year he wants to travel far from the Switzerland in the training camp with his young dancers. Now, interested parties prepared twice a week of good coaches. Because they try out together at the art gym. Mave: If you can, it has been shown himself what’s in one! “Karl-Heinz Smuda