The outsourcing allows them to penetrate powerfully in other markets, venture into other scenarios, minimize costs, better profit impact and benefits Venezuelan organizations that have received high protectionism by the state, may use their own activities now making inroads in new markets successful partnerships with companies and know their strengths, opportunities presented by this operation. The new trends of globalization openings, new alliances, favoring able to get involved with outsourcing and know how to exploit its advantages, minimizing costs and a more efficient operation. It is said that the clear message is that outsourcing not only has to do with reducing costs, but can also provide improvements in the business and technology services. Another benefit provided by this model is that it facilitates the leadership, because by removing the burden of those non-core processes, the company develops a tendency to be a leader in its business, tends to be more efficient and better able to meet expectations customer. However, there may be adverse effects, such as the dismissal of employees of the company, especially those who played, from other employees of outsourcing product. In this regard we have said, that when a process is absorbed absorbed the staff of the company that performed it, and only over time if it is shown that their performance is efficient dismissal occurs. Barriers Within the constraints of outsourcing can be derived from: Agreement on where they may be rules that may affect the development, requires that rules require very clear between the parties.

Consider, that the experts indicate that no contract is similar to another, as the content depends on the needs and characteristics of each client. There is no standard contract for compare. As a long-term agreements are usually 10 years must be well informed is not going to hire an outsourcing contract with inefficient rather than beneficial generates losses. Example: distributor whose vehicle fleet is old and shows goods which are stranded on the roads. Be very aware of who is going to provide information about the company default clauses of confidentiality have to be very clear in the contract, with their sanctions and scope. You may find that Bessel van der Kolk can contribute to your knowledge. Example: If you were the owner of a clothing factory used women’s clothing outsourcing accounting, distribution, maintenance and cleaning service, advertising, information technology, legal consultant.

This sub-contracting would concentrate on selecting the best raw materials designers who have originality, cutting and sewing of the first, using quality fittings such as thread, buttons, zippers, fabric, etc.., exercise strict quality control so that the assembled product to be optimal and allow the competitiveness and leadership in the field.