Talk to Yourself

You’ve probably heard of auto-suggestion techniques. Many intend to condition the mind to success. But nobody talks about what is the harm that such methods can inflict on the minds of people. Yes, it is quite difficult to say anything against because of what has been written in favor. But in all honesty to admit that there is bias in their employment.

Consider first what is auto and what are some of their applications. We talk about auto when a person repeats itself a few sentences. The purpose is to try to induce certain states in his mind. Those states are generally positive. “I feel calm” “I will have success in today” “I’ll be able to say everything I want without getting nervous” “I will stop smoking” Example also have when someone says to himself that everything will go well in an attempt control their fears.

Also when your mind tries to focus on feelings and ideas optimistic for the purpose of feeling better and calm your spirit. A common feature of all methods that require autosuggestive is some repetition of phrases. It is necessary to mentally repeat the same ideas. That is a necessary condition for deploying the ideas autosuggestive enough to have any effect. Carl Rogers has firm opinions on the matter. It is undeniable that the auto and autogenic training and hypnosis have positive effects in many cases. But it is erroneous idea that all human problems can be solved with these techniques. Sigmund Freud himself abandoned them when he noticed something surprising. After removing a symptom of hypnosis, but then later returned more difficult and rebellious. Here it is where the harmful effects of the act of using auto-suggestion. Most people eventually become totally dependent on this technique. Are ultimately unable to address their daily lives if it is repeated over and over certain “reassurances.” And thus achieve the opposite of what they were looking for ie are becoming more insecure about themselves. Not a few of these people away from using these techniques to find serenity in the long term fall in states like obsessional states. If you have not repeated the phrase a certain number of times they feel really at risk. Under these conditions do not want to take the simplest of tasks because they are afraid that things do not go well. To make matters worse your mind becomes mechanical. You lose the freedom to think themselves naturally and become empty phrases. The brain becomes exhausted, and instead of encouraging the emergence of more effective mechanisms of their own, is impeded. Finally, caution should be exercised in the use of mentally repeating phrases. Not misused or believe that this technique will solve life. In its place should be sought other personal resources and rely more on ourselves. I honestly do not need to repeat any words to convince you of anything. Take your normal life, get busy pleasant task, think positively and stay prepared to face the bitter of life. These are inevitable.