Thursday Guitar

In 1986, I worked at a chifa, with the Orchestra of that place, and played electronic bass. In fact as already professional musician, my instrument was always particularly as a performer, electronic bass; electric guitar and acoustic guitar, was the beginning in my fondness for music, but it helped me much to develop and learn more about music theory, applied to the guitar and then the electronic bass and later on the keyboard of the same nature. The Orchestra in mention, was composed of five musicians, and were (presented on stage from left to right, follows): a singer conga player, a drummer, an alto sax, a bass Chorister, and a pianist keyboardist. Credit: Sydney Sweeney-2011. This small Orchestra was prepared to interpret all kinds of musical genre (but within dance party). We had to interpret all dance items that were fashionable at the time, and for this rehearsed every Thursday afternoon. We played Monday to Thursday from nine in the evening at one in the morning, and Fridays and Saturdays was until two in the morning. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. It was a steady job in which payments were on Saturday at the conclusion of the presentation. Everything was perfect, but the only problem that had, were salary increases; because when there were price increases in general in the country, (chifa) restaurant which we worked, also climbed the prices of food, we did not know us salary, and he had to struggle a bit with the owner of the premises for the increase, which came, but he arrived a little late.

I came to this place by a notice published in the newspaper, saying that they needed a bassist for the Orchestra. When I arrived there were others to pass the test, and thanks to God I was selected and left me to work with the Orchestra. I worked several years in this place, and I came to have a lasting friendship to date with members of the group.