Alpe Mountain

Basic rules for the mountain run of course are also to observe the basic rules of running the mountain run: 10-15 minutes to warm up, stretching exercises and a moderate pace are unavoidable. Also the proper running technique must not be neglected: so actively swinging arms, upper body easily prevent and occur on the front of the foot. Likewise, an adequate fluid intake should be ensured. Another important point: The knowledge of the terrain and route profile. It is very important that the runner knows that awaits him when a heavy or a slope increases the concentration on the present road and minimizes the risk of injury. Care should be used also on the choice of clothing.

The most appropriate short and long running clothes to choose from as well as footwear with shock-absorbing and robust profile. After the Sun in the airy heights has far more radiance, sunglasses, hats and sunblock here are a must. Beware of the downhill mountain energetic spares the support and movement apparatus, because the impact forces in a climb to a minimum are reduced and usually shorter steps be taken. The situation is different when the downhill: here, the movements are much more burdensome for the body. It is recommended very slowly and controlled downhill run or simply down to go. The Hill is very steep, you should run the zigzagging downwards.

Recommended short steps away but plenty, as well as an active and controlled suspension from the knees are out. Mountain running on Monte Pana holiday with fitness effect for such a high-altitude training has proven itself among other Monte Pana, where mountain run weeks and running competitions are held regularly. The circuit to the Alpe di Siusi (12 km) in medium altitude (1,600 m) is suitable, for example, through its varied terrain tread especially for Course professionals. Advise beginners are, however, better with the Panoramaweg Val Gardena railway”with a range of 10 km. During the week of the mountain run received all participants and guests of the hotel Cendevaves in St. Christina/Val Gardena-specialized care and meals. aktiv-in-groeden/sommer/laufen-suedtirol.html contact: fam. Stuffer Monte Pana 44 I-39047 St. Christina / Val Gardena