Division Of Marital Property

Under the Family Code of the Russian property acquired by spouses during marriage is their joint property. See Dr. Mark Hyman for more details and insights. By the common property of spouses include: income of each spouse from work, business and results of intellectual activities, they received pensions, allowances and other cash payments, no special purpose. Community property are also purchased from general revenue spouses movable and immovable property, securities, shares, deposits, shares in the capital, made to the lending institutions or other businesses, and any other acquired by the spouses in property during the marriage. Division of property can be made at the request of either spouse. Cleveland Clinic recognizes the significance of this. In addition, it is also possible in the case of a creditor application requirements of division of marital property to foreclosure the share of a spouse in the common property of spouses, when the personal property of the spouse for the liability for its debts not community property can be divided also in agreement about the division of common property. According to Section 1, Art. 39 Family Code, spouses share in the common property at his section shall be considered equal, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract between the spouses. Spouses may divide the property in equal shares, and in particular proportions.

At the request of spouse agreement on the division of property can be notarized. In case of dispute, division of joint property of spouses, as well as the definition of spouses' shares in the property are made in court. If a dispute arises between spouses or former spouses of the value of the property to be distributed at the request of one party or both parties conducted its evaluation. Not subject to section things purchased exclusively for the needs of young children. They are transferred to the spouse with whom the children live, and without any compensation to the other spouse. Also not taken into account when Under the community property contributions made by spouses at the expense of the common property in the name of their common minor children. Such contributions are considered to belong to children. The need for division of marital property may arise after the death of a spouse in connection with the need to allocate its share of total assets, which will be included in the estate and goes along with the personal property of a deceased spouse (the testator) to the heirs by will or by law. At the same right of inheritance belonging to the surviving spouse of the testator by will or the law, does not diminish his right to a portion of property acquired during the marriage with the testator and is a their joint property.