Lithotherapy Or Treatment Of A Stone

Lithotherapy – is treated stone. Knowledge accumulated over centuries about it. Since ancient times, people know that rocks and minerals can affect the human body. C the same time it is believed that wearing a certain intuition and rock or mineral is beneficial to the body. So why do some people use drugs instead of stones? After all, the same aspirin is more common and available. Because unlike drugs stones are composed of pure natural substance.

Lithotherapy principle is that, since the vibrations of stones are almost identical to human vibration, they can optimally stimulate the energy flow in the body. What is the therapeutic effect of a stone? Malachite Malachite helps with colds and allergies, good for the skin and acts as a fortifying agent. Rubin helps with headaches, cleanses the blood and strengthens the heart, gives courage and encouraging. On the arm of a gentleman he is to win, gives happiness in love, and warns against change of color. Wear Rose Quartz Because it increases the capacity for love and tenderness. And also helps with headaches and psychosomatic diseases. Topaz protects the immune system, strengthens the nerves, encouraging and helps balance the emotions.

Petrified amber for many thousands of ancient pine resin contains succinic acid – biodyne active, stabilizing internal enzymes responsible for metabolism. In addition, getting into the body (in contact with jewelry made of amber skin), succinic acid inhibits toxins penetrate into the unhealthy cells. It is beneficial in diseases of the throat, thyroid, liver, kidneys, joints, and she does not accumulate in the body and has no negative side effects.