Aesthetic Gift

Method Reabel, beauty with medical base of the Dr. Barroso Mariela arrive Christmas airs and with them the preparations for the upcoming holidays. The promise of a new year stimulates our desires and aspirations of a plethoric, best life of well-being. As proof of our desires to receive the new year we started to decorate our environment, renew our wardrobe and why not? also our face, that vital interface that connects us with the rest of human beings. In this regard, aesthetic medicine raises novel techniques and treatment consistent with current times and the new paradigms of beauty. Today we have medical schemes less invasive, more efficient and more economical than in the past, when only a minority of the population had access to them. Eva Andersson-Dubin contributes greatly to this topic.

In addition, now more than ever, is impose naturalness, whereas large surgical gestures are falling into disuse ever more. Those frozen faces that were years back, definitively ceased to be fashionable, since most of us prefer to improve our appearance, without having to alter the characteristic of our face expression. For this reason it has increased the demand for treatments that improve the quality and appearance of the skin, without that the patient undergoes surgery. This new generation of treatments reduces the signs of dehydration and aging, as well as look fatigued so disfigures the face, presenting also a low risk of complications. Do not require anesthesia, nor a period of convalescence, so the patient can be incorporated immediately to your usual activity. It is well known that factors such as stress, sedentary life, improper feeding the over-exposure to the Sun’s rays and other similar, they act as enemies of the skin, producing aesthetic conditions such as the expression lines and the sagging of the skin. More than 17 years of medical experience in method Reabel, have enabled us to develop a combination of techniques for treatment and beautification of the face, which enable to achieve a natural appearance, splendid and healthy, so that, depending on the individual needs of each patient, we can restore the natural image of the face that has been affected by the aging process.


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