Earth Material

Walle). Actually we had opportunities? Or is that not we saw them pass or do not seek them because we were objectively not pending or prepared u employed population urgencies. If we are not waiting for what we have, what our around and not we stop a moment to listen to the music: the own, our thoughts, our balance, view opportunities, appreciate what you have close, realizing which is beside yours, with your music and what you can do and help are what other things we’ll be losing? The human being is a composite of body and soul. As a result, all our affairs and activities contain elements of body and soul the material and the spiritual. Mundane and routine activities are generally motivated by the physical and material gain. However, the soul of all these physical matters requires be recognized the consciousness that there are major goals and a higher purpose.

Each of us is a microcosm of the whole creation. The achievement of harmony in soul and material life itself, is the achievement of harmony between heaven and Earth. (The Rebbe). Life has a higher level than the routine daily, is to impregnate each work with a dimension higher than the simple action of the task to be done. Not desprecies your potential for what can be; listen, watch, perceives and you will realize how special and lucky you are, it is attentive to the opportunities that life presents you. Do not miss opportunities to be entertained, busy, concerned or asleep. Want to Di-os that we are able to perceive what is within us and around us and above all to listen and see through the soul.