The Cognition-based Universal Synthesis

A philosophical world formula by means of synthesis In the following image is mapped to the so-called cognitive-based universal synthesis, representing different areas of the universe very roughly. And because there are always new insights, this model is continuously extended and improved. How to use: you will find the explanations to the respective illustrations or terms in the corresponding pdf file. In this model there is no beginning and no end. I.e. For more information see Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

to start where the written in grey font is irrelevant are examples, notes, comments, etc. Related terms, subtopics, etc. Anu Saad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. are edged with the thicker frame. It is also possible to interpret the image, without having to use the pdf file. Cognition-based universal synthesis look at explanations for the figure are to be found here. (1) Emotion is a combination of the trigger of emotion and the antagonistic emotion oppressor. Many Emotionen(Empfindungen) raise events with us, such as fear, excitement, pride, sadness etc.

A Event that triggers emotions, is a trigger of emotion. He penetrates our body and mind. Its penetration depends on the strength of emotion, as well as their duration. If one learns from the news that a little girl was raped and killed We may throw this emotions, which are less dominant in relation to duration of emotion and strength, as the emotions after the death of a family member. The emotion oppressor is not always an automatically functioning mechanism, but a controlled by consciousness. There is another thought, gene Inextinguishable emotion overlay or good emotions etc. It is dependent on how the emotion triggers the intensity and duration. Is the conscious emotion suppression limit is reached, the body starts making physical changes, which increase the erupting emotions. Whether it is advantageous to always use the emotion oppressors, is questionable. Because this is also positive sensations intentionally suppress. Here decides whether the person is an optimist or a pessimist.

Paul Sommer

Experiences from research into the biological effects of ‘Electric stress’ the unlimited availability of electricity in the last hundred years has contributed devices, equipment and technologies for the development of a variety of instruments, which we take for granted. We us rarely make it clear that until recently none of them existed. Our once relatively quiet electromagnetic environment was cluttered within few generations with signals of any kind. Through new technologies we are exposed far more than just a mixture of different technical frequencies, which are sent out by a large number of household appliances. All generate different signals when they are in operation. People such as Abraham Maslow would likely agree.

But the costs of forest step are often unpredictable. We have introduced a wide range of invisible and potentially dangerous factors in our environment. Growth Strategy Expert is likely to agree. shines more light on the discussion. Oschmann, 2000. Confusion and incorrect information prevail over the environmental impact of electromagnetic in public as far as possible. Many in Available information interpreted quite differently building biologists and technicians groups by different perception of the action model of technical energy fields on the human bio field in daily practice. n/’>Royal Dutch Cell Plc.

The economic interest in the detection of health effects from the fields of power distribution or electrical equipment is low. Products on their protective properties with respect to electro-smog are tested often in the biophysical laboratory Paul Sommer. These investigations are not only technical size of energy fields in the foreground, because living systems contradict the logic that a stronger stimulus raises even a stronger reaction. For this reason can specify until today no one with certainty, is up to what limit to be an electromagnetic field exposure as such. In fact discoveries in biology have been so far often by provocation measurements on living systems. That’s why modern are in the Biophysikalischen laboratory Paul Sommer for several years Bio feedback equipment used to obtain real information about the possible protective effect of products from the feedback signals of the physical and mental well-being of subjects.

Color Profiles In Label Printing

The PrintoLUX GmbH sets new standards for the industrial signs and marking printing increasingly important comes to colouring. Special ink already succeeded the identification specialist PrintoLUX (Frankenthal) at digital printing has become rapidly successful and the PrintoLUX are used, the requirements colours, colour fidelity, exemplary to meet cost / benefit ratio, so sets the use of light-inks in the latest generation of printers PrintoLUX -FB-3-plus new standards. Users of markings, signs and expect special, very nuanced colours. This especially for the following two reasons: on the one they respect more strictly than hitherto on a consistent corporate design, what committed to error-free color fidelity in all areas of the company. To the other, and this aspect is strongly increasing in its importance, there are more and more labels with a growing number of information.

The colouring serves the aim defined information through custom colors on the first glance to make visible. This applies not only to the effect of signal at danger, prohibition or warning symbol, but is increasingly function names, which are made in colour discoverable. 1:1 colour when conventional labeling printing complex and expensive, PrintoLUX as a problem solver the outlined development represents the conventional methods of marking pressure problems, to achieve a 1:1 colour, mean so far high and high costs. On this important issue, the PrintoLUX process has assumed the role of a Problemlosers and triggered an appropriately large demand situation in the market: the process works with a special ink. Water based, this ink is an asset of the Unweltschutzes. Burned in heat units, she impresses with maximum resistance and quality of representation. Thus recoverable color profiles (icc/icm) can be set according to the customer requirements and adjusted the color reproduction of different substrates. Good is not good enough for the “Motto good is not good enough” has promoted its developments in this connection to PrintoLUX and can now boast a further increase in quality: the new printer generation of PrintoLUX -FB-3-plus works with light inks “, which as a result shows significant increases in quality in terms of smooth color transitions, more color spaces and a better reproduction of gray values.

The PrintoLUX of idea of PrintoLUX has a system developed and patent pending, with the PrintoLUX certified materials made of metal and plastic in the maximum size 300 mm x 500 mm with a height of up to 140 mm can be digitally printed. The system is unique in the world and replaces previous methods, such as screen printing, engraving, laser and plotting in many application areas.